SaberLINKS PTO Board:

To support the teachers, staff, administration and students at Saguaro High School for the purpose of achieving the best learning environment.

Saguaro SaberLINKS PTO

6250 N. 82nd Street

Scottsdale, AZ  85250

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Committee Chairs:

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We are just parents passionate about linking Saguaro's community together through personal connections

and making it

a great  place to be.  

If this sounds fun to you,

email us!

We would love to

invite you to our

Thank You Social this quarter,

held for all of the

SaberLINKS PTO volunteers!  

The more, the merrier!!

President:  Maryann McAllen

Vice President:  Bryan Cox
Secretary:  Meghan Koch
Treasurer:  Jennifer Orrett
Staff Liaison:  Lynette Slagle


Mission Statement:

Project Graduation Chair: Laurie Jackson

Copy Room Chair:  Martina Alexander

Hospitality Chair:  Jennifer Cohen

Teacher Appreciation Week: AVAILABLE

Scottsdale Parent Council Rep: Virginia Wogan

Webmaster: Jennifer Orrett

The Happenings: Meghan Koch

Advertisement:  AVAILABLE